EDM duo Once a Tree is back with their new single "Breakdown," which comes with a fresh video in tow. The track brings pain from past experiences to the forefront, and encourages those who need help to find it when in need. For the release, the Forseen Entertainment-repped duo teamed with the KGH Foundation's "Not Alone Campaign" in honor of their brother Avery, who the song was inspired by. 

"Hayden lost his little brother Avery to suicide this year. It really reinforced for us that fact that we need to do more in regards to mental health; having both struggled with depression for years ourselves as well. We need more conversations, awareness and resources," singer Jayli Wolf said. "We actually lost Avery days before we were heading to LA to shoot the visual for Breakdown. We would be in the back of the van crying all the way to locations and then we would wipe away our tears and get in front of the camera." 

You can watch the video for "Breakdown" above and purchase the single everywhere here