When it comes to pairing Kendrick Lamar with an interviewer for Warhol's Interview magazine, who better than Dave Chappelle? For their August cover story, the art-forward publication had Lamar and Chappelle discuss everything from the supposed limits of creative expression to the wisdom of Yasiin Bey.

Using Kathy Griffin's recent act of anti-Trump expression as a reference, Chappelle opened with a question about worrying on the "repercussions" of art. "I came up listening to N.W.A and Snoop," Lamar said. "Like them, it's in me to express how I feel. You might like it or you might not, but I take that stand." For Lamar, part of the process involves taking his Mom "out of the equation."

With Damn, Lamar is seeing some of the biggest commercial and creative successes of his career. When asked by Chappelle if he hoped to accomplish anything specific with his growing platform, Lamar stated that his mission statement is, simply, self-expression. "I don't want anybody to classify my music," he said.

The full interview, including that aforementioned Bey wisdom and much more, can be should be enjoyed right here.