When Justin Trudeau isn't busy running a nation, randomly photobombing your prom, or being interviewed in a kayak, the Prime Minister also dabbles in music curation. The Liberal leader sought to prove the latter by creating a unique summer playlist on the Spotify streaming service. Trudeau took to his Twitter account this weekend to share the inaugural "PM Mix", and as expected, the thing is chock-full of great Canadian talent.

This isn't the first time a world leader has gifted us with some major tuneage. Last year, you may have caught Barack Obama's workout playlist, which featured tracks from JAY-Z, Bob Marley, and indie star, Courtney Barnett. We suppose Justin may have been inspired by his big bro's guest mix, because the Prime Minister's playlist is also pretty eclectic.

Along with new hits from Shawn Mendes and Drake's most recent jam, "Signs", JT also made an effort to include some CanCon gems like "Crabbuckit" and "Misguided Angel". DJ Trudoh must've read our roundup of last year's best Canadian EPs, because he also added a track from one of our fave new artists, Charlotte Cardin. If this happens to become a yearly tradition, maybe Justin will break out of his box and include some more homegrown stars like a l l i e, Layla Hendryx, or Raz Fresco. In the meantime, we'll have to settle for the classics.

You can stream the "PM Mix" below via Spotify.