The entertainment world is still reeling from the news that singer R. Kelly has been accused of holding young women hostage in an "abusive cult." Stars from across Hollywood—from the music industry to the film world—​have been outspoken about the allegations. While some figures made light of the situation (looking at you, Diplo), in an interview for Everyday Struggle, Insecure creator and star Issa Rae said she would never listen to R. Kelly again


"I mean, I was a fan, but when I heard the first reports and starting reading a bunch of the articles, I was off it," Rae said. "I was kind of disgusted. I just don't have a tolerance for that kind of behavior, and I can't separate from the music, especially when the music is about the behavior."

Director John Singleton is the latest to offer his take on the situation. In an interview with TMZ, Singleton said he thinks Kelly is getting a bad rap for having a polyamorous lifestyle. 

"He has a bunch of girlfriends," Singleton said. "A lot of people have a bunch of girlfriends. The women that he's with are adult women and they made decisions to be with him. They know what they're getting into. So, I don't see what the controversy is really about."

When asked if he thought Kelly deserved the "Cosby treatment," Singleton was quick to express the opposite.

"No, not at all," Singleton said. "That's a whole different situation."

One woman, Jocelyn Savage, has publicly addressed and refuted the allegations against Kelly since the initial report. Meanwhile, anonymous women have come forward to detail being lured and exposed to bizarre treatment by the artist. Only time will tell who will speak out next.