John Mayer, fresh off providing the world with a mighty fine Tinder bio template, just dropped what is arguably the most in-depth discussion on fashion in his career. In a new interview with GQ's Samuel Hine, Mayer opens up about the inspiration he draws from fashion world and how designers like Virgil Abloh are "mainlining creativity." Mayer also named the designers and brands he's currently excited about, including Paradise and Boot Boyz.

"I mean, I was sort of horizontal before anyone else went horizontal in terms of just breaking down the barriers," Mayer said when asked about how his menswear interests appear "unconnected" from his musical identity. "Because I was always far more interested in stuff other than the scope of music that I made. And so if you take the musical genre partitioning away, then none of it's all that strange."

Mayer, noting that authenticity is the key to rising above the literalism of yesteryear, said that "setting alarms" for drops is his current thrill. "I'm into setting alarms, man," Mayer said. "I'm into refreshing the site until it goes up and then grabbing the large, shoving it into the cart, and then checking out before someone steals it out of the cart. That excites me more than the idea of going to a Mercedes dealership."

A self-professed T-shirt collector, Mayer pointed to hip-hop as the perfect example of how to "defy" that literalism. "Like, Future wearing a Grateful Dead T-shirt," he said. "That's where hip-hop is so smart right now . . . I just saw Big Sean wearing a Rick and Morty T-shirt. That’s great. That's exactly what I’m talking about. Hip-hop's always been that way. A lot more than rock and roll. And to me, it just represents freethinking."

When Hine brought up Kanye West and Abloh as examples of leading freethinkers, Mayer agreed. "I can feel the spirit of what he does, he's mainlining creativity," Mayer said of Abloh's work. "There's something different when he does it, because his mind is different." The full interview, in which Mayer also shares his thoughts on Supreme and the potential for aftermarket "Air Mayers," right here.

Next week, Mayer will headline a Bud Light Dive Bar Tour show in Los Angeles. The show takes place July 26 at a location set to be announced via Bud Light's social media channels in the coming days. More info is available here.

Anyway, here's that Tinder bio template. Use with caution.