Continuing his solid gold run of anthems, the self-professed Ugly Man of UK rap is back with a new single from his potent debut Common Sense. If you think you know what J Hus is all about, then his new single "Spirit" might teach you a thing or two. Sonically, it's a continuation of his well-balanced fusion of rap and Afrobeats; but lyrically, we're presented with a more reflective and thoughtful J Hus than we've seen before. "Spirit", with its video filmed in Jamestown, Ghana (a community renowned for the fishing and boxing on display in the visuals), delivers a powerful message of self-belief, community spirit and strength in the face of oppression. After capturing the spirit of the club many times over, J Hus just delivered one of the most incisive reflections of the times that the UK's seen in years.