During his tour stop in Anaheim Sunday night, J. Cole revealed a secret by telling the crowd the beat for "Neighbors" is actually just the beat for "Forbidden Fruit" backwards. While he reportedly told this to an audience about a month ago during the first leg of his 4 Your Eyez Only Tour, his most recent admission had proof of the flipped beat in the form of a video that circulated online. As you can see, the crowd's mind was blown after he told them to "listen" to the backwards instrumental after he slowed it down for them:

As has been pointed out, however, you won't get an exact replication of each song if you were to listen to them backwards (either by doing it yourself, or by Googling it) because the "Neighbors" beat's tempo was adjusted, and because some snares were removed.

Still, pretty mind blowing.

Sort of makes you wonder what else Cole's been hiding in plain sight all these years. Feel free to go off the deep end searching for hidden Easter eggs on every track in his catalog.