Born Elizabeth Eden Harris, the 20-year-old rapper best known as Cupcakke has established a fiercely supportive community of fans through her unabashedly raunchy lyrics and—just as importantly—her social media presence. If you are easily offended, you’ve been warned; it is precisely what makes her Twitter account (@cupcakKe_rapper) amazing.

Cupcakke has been churning out her racy raps since 2012, but it wasn’t until songs “Deep Throat” and “Vagina” went viral in 2015 that her career began to take off. The songs’ comical, overtly-sexual lyrics gained the attention of curious spectators wanting to find out the whole story behind her unique (to say the least) style of uncensored lyricism.

Raised by a single mother, Harris spent much of her early years in Chicago’s homeless shelters, and it wasn’t until her involvement in the church did she realize her passion for poetry and songwriting. What began as an outlet to express her faith, a suggestion from a friend prompted Harris to channel her veneration towards a different subject.

Among the treasure trove of Cupcakke songs featuring comical depictions of graphic sexual scenarios, there also exists a more meaningful narrative throughout her discography. Songs like the 2016 “Pedophile,” and “LGBT” as well as her ongoing “Reality” installments each explore more serious subject matter, or chronicle her own personal struggles growing up.

Since her debut mixtape Cum Cake, Cupcakke has amassed over 200k followers on her Twitter account. It’s largely due to how outrageous she gets in 140 characters or less; just when you think she can’t top herself, she does. Cupcakke’s wholehearted commitment to being as vulgar as she is is quick-witted is hilarious and empowering in equal measures. Society doesn’t so much as flinch when male rappers use explicit, hypersexualized lyrics, so in her own quirky way, Cupcakke is showing the world that female artists have the freedom to do the same. The fact that she does it with a hefty dose of humor just shows what other rappers have been leaving on the table for decades. If you haven’t hit the follow button already, here’s why Cupcakke is rapidly earning a spot as the best feed on the internet.



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