While the buzz around "EDM" has slowed down a considerable amount from even where it was a few years ago, the actual electronic music scene is as vibrant and thriving as ever thanks to producers like Falcons. The L.A.-based artist, who signed with A-Trak's Fool's Gold label back in 2015, has been on a tear, touring with everyone from Travis Scott to Metro Boomin while working on impressive material. His latest is "Want Your Body," which is a magical trek back to the dance music of his youth.

Falcons tells us the song "is an homage to the two types of music that had the biggest impact on my career. My mom introduced me to '90s dance music as a kid. At the time it felt normal cause that's my mom, but looking back I'm super thankful to have been introduced to acts like The Prodigy and Halcyon at a young age. It seeped into all my music and 'Want Your Body' is an ode to that."

For anyone who's aware of the rave scene in the '90s, "Want Your Body" echoes that early on, from the pitched up diva vocals to the jungle drums that kick off the intro. The accompanying video (which was created by Amber Park) mirrors the tale Falcons told us, seemingly highlighting his own progression from a youth growing up with dance music to a laptop-lugging adult, turning up to the music he's crafting in his bedroom. Wash it with a heavy dose of trippy visuals and you have a back to the future vibe that is his life, and the sound he's encapsulated here.

Watch the full video up above, and stream "Want Your Body" in full down below.