DMX was released from jail Friday after pleading not guilty to 14 counts of tax evasion.

According to the Washington Post, the 46-year-old rapper was let out on a $500,000 bond that required two co-signers; however, he must abide by court-imposed travel restrictions that prohibit him from leaving NYC unless he is cleared to perform in other areas. Additionally, DMX is prohibited from carrying a firearm while on bail and will be under strict drug testing.

The rapper spoke to reporters Friday as he was leaving federal court in NYC.

“It’s allowed me to not be scared of the situation and face it head-on, you know what I’m saying?” he said as he stood by his attorney, Murray Richman. “My life is in God’s hands.”

DMX turned himself into federal authorities Thursday after he was accused of conducting a multi-year scheme to avoid paying $1.7 million in taxes. The IRS accused the artist of providing false information on bankruptcy forms as well as using other people’s bank accounts to hide his earnings. The rapper is now facing up to 44 years in federal prison if found guilty.

Despite the legal drama, DMX told reporters he still plans to headline the 2017 Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival on Saturday night.