ASAP TyY's anti-Trump anthem finally receives a visual​, and it's as turnt up as you'd imagine. Repping ASAP Bari's VLONE, the Mob member hits a church before pulling up to a law office where a board meeting turns violent, and he's the culprit.

"I had my manager, the production crew, and myself crawling through a church basement in Philly to start this video out," TyY said of making the video. "We ended with me in a suit and tie in Manhattan. The office scene was crazy, we shot in a law office all while attorneys were still walking around and working... I was in a ski mask with prop guns all while having this guy in a suit tied up in a separate office. I could only imagine what these attorneys were thinking while we were shooting this lol."

Watch the Michael Della Polla and Scott Surman-directed video for "Trump" above and keep up with ASAP TyY's latest moves on Instagram and Twitter.