Blue Chips 7000, the long-awaited album from Action Bronson, finally has a release date. After months of teasing the final installment in the Blue Chips series, Action's latest project will drop on Aug. 25. 

To keep his fans satisfied until that day arrives, Action just released the Rik Cordero-directed video for "The Chairman's Intent." Borrowing heavily from the techniques synonymous with 1970s kung fu films (something with a long history in hip-hop), Bronson takes down a wide array of foes all while his elegant blonde wig flaps flawlessly in the wind. The visual harkens back to his 2012 video "The Symbol."

Even though he hasn't released a full body of work since Mr. Wonderful two years ago, Action has kept himself busy with a number of projects, including the Viceland series Fuck, That's Delicious. Still, Bronson has always wanted to get back to the music, and he grew so frustrated over the ongoing delay of Blue Chips 7000 that he announced the album was "coming out in a month" during his performance at the Rolling Loud festival in May. 

"It's been a minute," he said. "I've been on this motherfuckin' run, man. Fuck, That's Delicious. All this television shit. But I don't give a fuck about that no more. Blue Chips 7000 is coming out in a month. I don't give a fuck if I have to leak it myself. I don't give a flying fuck." 

June came and went, and there was still no Blue Chips 7000. But now the wait is finally over.