When Young Thug revealed he was going to release a "singing" album, many were skeptical. Thug's crooning is a big part of his previous work, but could he really put together an album of just the high notes? And more importantly, would the subject matter change along with the style?

The answer to both questions is, well, sort of! Beautiful Thugger Girls isn't a singing album from front-to-back; there are plenty of stretches on the project where Thugger is rapping just like he always has. Even when Thug sings about love and sex on Beautiful Thugger Girls, he stays true to himself. He's just your average, protective father on "Daddy's Birthday," when, in a graphic burst of honesty, he says, "I pray my daughter never ever experience a train."

Thug is equal parts bravado and vulnerability, and that contrast is what made Beautiful Thugger Girls such a wonderful listen. Here were our favorite ways he attempted to discuss his love life on the new album.

"Thinkin 'bout masturbating to your nudes, yeah yeah." —"Take Care"

Even when you're out of town, if you're the woman in Thug's life, he's going to keep you in mind.

"I lick on that puss on a pill, and I make her stand up like some bunny ear/I bite on that butt, then I suck on her toes and her soul go outta here." —"You Said"

"Stand up like some bunny ear" is legitimately magical language.

"I got the door unlocked and I know right now she'd rather have my dick than a watch." —"You Said"

It's 2017 and the world is ending—reject materialism. Time doesn't matter.

"I'm so geeked up on your lovin' I don't need no mollies, for real." —"Feel It"

This is quite a claim from Thugger, who once claimed to be riding around with 800 capsules of molly on "Old English."

"Her booty fly like L.A., I just land on it." —"Oh Yeah"

I imagine this is a much more pleasurable experience than dealing with delays at LAX.

"Eat on my dick and she rode me/I fuck her hard like she owin' me/Put in this dick, now she done with me." —"Take Care"

Talk about a riches to rags story. Thug has captured this woman's attention, exerted all the effort he could in the bedroom, and after putting his all into the moment, she can't be bothered with him once it's over. It's a rare moment of heartbreak for a man who spends most of Beautiful Thugger Girls reveling in his successes. 

"Her heart beatin' racin' but we gotta pace it/Sit on my face, that pussy wet like she fresh out the lake."— "She Wanna Party"

My only advice if you run into this situation in your own life? Don't drown.