When it comes to controversy in 2017, XXXTentacion's name has been in the thick of it. The latest incident involved XXX getting knocked tf out on stage during his San Diego show at The Observatory on Wednesday night. While still unconfirmed, many (including X himself) seem to speculate that one of his rivals, San Diego-based rapper Rob Stone, was involved in the altercation. Whatever the case may be, X isn't letting this incident stop his tour, and as early as Thursday afternoon wasn't planning on stopping his scheduled show in Santa Ana.


#xxxtentacion earlier today before his show got cancelled (link in bio for more details)

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That's right, X was openly asking to be knocked out again, saying "let's have a repeat" at the Santa Ana show that was scheduled for Thursday night. Whether it was because of his attitude, the melee that ensued in San Diego after he got knocked out, or the fact that X didn't plan on hiring more security guards (he told TMZ that more guards wouldn't matter because the person who knocked him out had already gotten past 12 people), the promoters of the Santa Ana show on Thursday night decided to postpone the gig.


#xxxtentacion confirming his show tonight is postponed

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According to XXXTentacion, the Santa Ana show is being rescheduled to the end of his tour. There's been no word on the rescheduled date at this time.

TMZ also reported that while X's face was swollen, X said that the assailant got even worse. They also say that whoever attacked X fled the scene, and isn't the person who was brought into the hospital after being stabbed. At this time, no suspect has been named in the knocking tf out of XXXTentacion in San Diego.