Vince Staples didn’t provide many details about his sophomore album, Big Fish Theory. Even a month before its release, he gave an intriguing but puzzling description of what fans can expect: “All I can tell you is that it's current. It's tomorrow. It's next Thursday,” Staples told LA Weekly. “We making future music. It's Afrofuturism. This is my Afrofuturism. There's no other kind.”

It turns out the 23-year-old rapper was trolling the journalist as well as the readers. In recent appearance on The Daily Show, Vince admitted to Trevor Noah that “Afrofuturism” didn’t really mean anything and he just likes “saying stuff about black people to white people.” It was a classic Vince move we’re sure many fans appreciated; however, most of us were left wondering what the project would actually deliver. Well, we know have our answer.

Tonight, Big Fish Theory has officially rolled out on streaming services. The 12-track project includes titles like “Crabs in a Bucket,” “Yeah Right,” and “Party People,” along with the previously released singles “BagBak,” “Big Fish,” and “Rain Come Down.”

As if putting out a new album wasn't enough, Staples also released a video for "Rain Come Down."

Big Fish Theory, which marks Vince’s first full-length release since last year’s Prima Donna EP, is available to stream on Apple Music and can be downloaded on iTunes. You can also check it below via Spotify.

Schoolboy Q reportedly gave the album his stamp of approval, which drew an excited and hilarious response from Vince:


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