In 1997, the two hottest crews were Bad Boy and the Wu. They represented polar opposites in just about every possible way: well-known disco samples versus unknown soul records; noisy and grimy versus slick and polished; uptown glamor versus outer-borough realness. So it was only natural that they would both perform. 

Diddy and company brought their A-game. Dressed in matching baseball jerseys and toting bats, Mase, The LOX, Lil' Kim and Junior M.A.F.I.A. tore it up and also paid moving tribute to their deceased friend Biggie. You can see footage of the crew, baseball uniforms and all, in the video below.

Wu, who were headlining, were upset that they got the treatment normally accorded to headliners at Summer Jam: people started leaving early to get to their cars. The crew was so incensed by this that they announced from stage, "Fuck Hot 97, we listen to Kiss FM!"