Tyler, The Creator has been teasing some kind of new project for a solid week. He's left hints on his Twitter that appear to be a countdown to the announcement of the project.

...and so on. You get the idea.

Right on schedule, he delivered. The surprise was a self-directed music video for a new track featuring ASAP Rocky called "Who Dat Boy." You can see it above. Get ready for faces sewn on to other faces, car chases, and a button at the end featuring Tyler at his most r&b. You can also check the song on iTunes and Apple Music.

In other Tyler news, he has a new show coming to Viceland called Nuts + Bolts. A trailer for the show, which will debut Aug. 3, was posted on Golf Media's Twitter Wednesday.

Tyler says the show will describe "how everything that I think is awesome, is made." The trailer also features appearances from Neil DeGrasse Tyson and Bill Nye.