Toni Romiti has been making waves with her latest releases, including "Trust in Me," which receives the visual treatment today.

"'Trust In Me' is for every man that reverses the guilt when they know they're in the wrong," Romiti said of the song. "Now just imagine if a woman was doing the same thing."

She also broke down the visual narrative. "In the video, the man in the suit is my husband. He keeps going through my phone because he doesn't trust me. I'm overly defensive because deep down I know I'm guilty. The irony of it all is that I’ve been hooking up with the butler and the gardener the whole time. To some this may seem unladylike, but in reality men get away with it all the time. 'Trust In Me' is just one of the many gender reversed concepts on my upcoming EP TOMBOY."

Check out the video for "Trust in Me" above and be on the lookout for more music from Romiti​ on July 21. You can keep up with her latest moves on Instagram.