Whether it’s through mentions or sliding into DMs, Twitter has proven to be one medium that offers fans and critics a previously unattainable level of access to celebrities. In December of 2016, Gabriel Silvan of Covington, Washington used that level of access to outsource his senior yearbook quote. Silvan reached out to T-Pain via Twitter. 

Pain obliged, with what many assume was a joke by referencing a now-infamous quote by former Cubs and Yankees left-handed slugger Oscar Gamble.

“They don’t think it be like it is, but it do,” T-Pain offered. 

Some six months and change later, Silvan got T-Pain’s quote immortalized in the Kentwood High yearbook to bring this whole tale full circle. He showed off the quote to T-Pain, whose love of a good meme come to life has been chronicled.

Pain showed his appreciation by replying to Silvan via Twitter, saying, “Man. This. This is the kind of shit I live for you did it bro. Killed it. Good job man.”

There has been speculation as to whether Gamble’s original quote was about racism in Major League Baseball or the chaotic nature of management as it related to the Yankees during his tenure. Regardless of the origins, Gamble’s quote became a meme in modern times, and there has been no shortage of commentary about it on user forums ranging from Reddit to IGN boards and beyond.

As it relates to his actual music—which Silvan told Buzzfeed sparked his initial interest in T-Pain—the man largely responsible for popularizing Auto-Tune as we know it has a new video for his “F.B.G.M.” single with Young M.A. Last month’s liberation of the shelved T-Wayne album notwithstanding, “F.B.G.M.” is T-Pain’s first release since 2016’s “Dan Bilzerian” and the lead single from his upcoming album, Oblivion.