After days of speculation, Meek Mill has weighed in on the video showing Safaree Samuels being punched and chased outside a nearby SUV Meek was exiting. Meek was caught by TMZ’s cameras, and after initially responding with, “Who?” when Samuels was mentioned, sidestepped any notion of beef with Nicki Minaj’s other high profile ex-boyfriend.

“Ain’t no beef,” Meek responded. “I’m a boss. I’m a don. I don’t even fight. I don’t even know how they got us confused with that type of stuff, man.” 

Samuels was mercilessly dragged on social media over the weekend for making claims Meek Mill had his crew attempt to jump him Friday. Safaree offered a message for his detractors. Talking with BET, Safaree swapped out his all white outfit for black duds and gave his opinion on why fans view him in a certain light.

“I understand your place of desperation and wanting acknowledgement from me,” Samuels offered. “One day, we can hug it out and we can shake hands, and we can be friends. Until then, you’ll just have to watch me rise from where you are. I feel that is what is hurting some of these people’s hearts.”

Samuels saw his star rise as Nicki Minaj’s love interest of 12 years before a very public break up with the rapper in 2014. After Nicki moved on to Meek Mill, Samuels and Safaree traded subliminal shots, while Safaree attempted a solo rap career as a member of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood.

Having the weekend punctuated by accusatory selfie videos and leaked TMZ footage, it would appear this round of Safaree versus Meek is over, as both men opted to use their camera time to promote new projects.