Having been tipped for big things by us at the top of the year, Rachel Foxx has repaid our predictory faith fairly well with a string of soulful, arresting cuts over the passing months. Today, Miss Foxx shares with Complex her brand new video for "Make You Say", which has been doing the rounds since hitting SoundCloud in December. Of a similar ilk to previous singles, "Make You Say" is yet another impressive ballad from the East End gal, however, the difference emerges in the lyricism and contentponderous musings of earlier efforts have been replaced with a more expressive and hopeful outlook.

Eager for the space to express a different reflection of her personality, Rachel says this song is about "being stress-free, care-free, and happy. Usually, I write about a lot of depressing, love-related stuff, but this is really a different side of me." Shot in a cool mixture of coloured tints and hues, watch above as Rachel Foxx and her love interest take a stroll around London.