10 months ago, Dubai-based beat producer AELI dropped his astounding debut album, Late Future Calls, an eight-track collection of futuristic rap and trap bangers heavily influenced by the sounds of North Africa and the Middle East. Now, 264 Records (who released the album) are following it with a collection of remixes from like-minded producers from around the world. After Low End Theory lunatic The Gaslamp Killer gave album highlight "Guasba Lik" the full weight of his support, fellow West Coaster Daedelus was brought in to put his own unique spin on the track.

"Exploring the esoteric connection between the LA beat scene & Dubai's very own 264 Records, Daedelus came through with a mind bending, neck jerking, footwork inspired flip of AELI's 'Guasba Lik'," 264 boss DJ MoCity explained via email. "With LA cohort The Gaslamp Killer championing the original track early on, it was only fair that Daedelus gave the remix the treatment it deserved. Lock in."

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