You already know it’s that time again. OVO Sound Radio is back for its 45th episode, featuring special guest mixes by Atlanta’s DJ Lil Keem as well as Toronto’s Mastermind. And it sounds like the show will deliver a hefty dose of nostalgia.

Prior to tonight’s broadcast, Mastermind informed his followers he would drop some knowledge about Toronto’s history in addition to playing some older—perhaps, forgotten—tracks. 

And who better to give us that lesson? Matermind (real name: Paul Parhar) is a Canadian radio DJ who is currently works at 93.5 The Move. He’s been in the industry for about two decades and was one of the first people to mentor Drake when he was entering the rap game.

“I was sitting in Calgary in 2006 and I got a phone call,” Mastermind told Noisey in 2015. “They say, ‘We got somebody who wants to come have a meeting with you, take you out to dinner, and pick your brain about the industry. They’re just starting their rap career, and they want to research and get as much great advice as they can. You’re in radio, you’ve done hip hop, you know artists.’ I was like ‘OJ, who is it?’ And they go ‘Well, he’s a kid. He’s an actor on Degrassi, but he’s starting his rap career.’”

If Drake, the undisputed king of the north, went to Mastermind for some knowledge, it’s safe to assume the DJ knows his shit.

But tonight’s episode won’t be completely dominated by old-school tracks. There's a good chance Lil Keem, an affiliate of Hoodrich and Fight School DJs, could drop some new music during his set. The ATL artist is fresh off the release of his Bodeine Withdrawals 6 project, featuring music by Drake, Young Thug, Quavo, Lil Uzi Vert, and more.

OVO Sound Radio episode 45 can be streamed below.