Mike Dean visited the Moog Factory in Ashville, North Carolina to make a song from scratch using the Minimoog Model D, the iconic synthesizer that will cease production soon.

The legendary producer has a history with the Minimoog Model D, which was re-issued in 2016 after being out of production for 35 years. Last year, Dean stopped by the Moog Factory to create "Grande Faucon."

This time around, he made "Three Jewels" while Moog Factory production engineers pieced together some of the last Model D synthesizers.

"Hope everyone enjoys sharing my trip to the Moog factory to bid farewell to the re-issue of the Minimoog Model D," Dean said. "I've always been fascinated with sound, since I was a little kid when my mother Dorothy Dean took me to my first piano lesson. Later on my guitar, bass guitar, and synthesizer were my secret weapons. Moog embodies a sound luxury like no other."

Check out the full clip above and purchase "Three Jewels" on iTunes

Mike Dean
Image via Publicist