Kodak Black found himself in hot water after proclaiming he "[doesn't] really like black girls" during a recent Instagram Live stream. Once the backlash for his nonsensical comments hit, Kodak attempted to defend himself by asserting he just had a certain preference.

After that failed, he resorted to the only avenue he had left—Kodak deleted his Instagram account altogether, seemingly an attempt to hide from his critics. When you try to pull up his Instagram page now, you find yourself at a familiar screen.

kodak black deleted his IG
Image via Instagram

Deleting one social media account isn't going to stop angry people from coming after him, however. His Twitter page is still active, and people have been happy to let him know they don't appreciate what he had to say. Black women in particular have made sure he knows the feeling of disinterest is mutual.

I speak for myself and anyone who agrees. We don't like you either though @KodakBlack1k

— Brettina Pantera (@BrettinaPantera) June 27, 2017

@KodakBlack1k I'm gonna have to unfollow you for your comments on black women.

— Toreshi Manga (@SAD_SONNY) June 27, 2017

Kodak Black out here looking like some unknown species thinking Black women give a fuck about his ugly rapist ass not liking us.

— Chihiro Ogino (@WickedBeaute) June 26, 2017

The irony of Kodak Black talking about he doesn't like black girls like any of us liked his ugly ass.

— Kennedy ✨ (@HelloKennedi) June 25, 2017

Kodak Black saying he wouldn't date black women like we were really checking for that burnt dust mite.

— 🌻Relle 🌻 (@anitaphaker) June 25, 2017

Things are just as heated on his official Facebook page.

kodak black facebook page
Image via Facebook

Kodak himself appeared to reject the premise that his deletion had anything to do with the criticism, suggesting in a couple Tweets his actions, "got [nothing] to do [with] y'all."

Let's Be Honest . I Can't Keep Calm . Ima Monster . I Lost My Conscious

— Kodak Black (@KodakBlack1k) June 27, 2017

I'm Just On Some Whole Other Shit RN Ain't Got Nun To Do Wit Y'all

— Kodak Black (@KodakBlack1k) June 27, 2017

If you mess with the bull, you get the horns, and in this case Kodak insulted many women around the world by throwing them all into one faceless basket. Getting off social media isn't going to make this go away, and if he actually wants the problem to disappear, he should try to get a grasp on why the outrage was sparked to begin with and handle the criticism accordingly.

I wouldn't hold your breath on that one, considering this is the same guy who once rapped, "I don't want no black bitch." Feel free to prove us all wrong, Kodak.