We're patiently waiting on another Jhené Aiko album—a 2017 drop would be lovely, if she takes requests—but for now, a new song with Chris Brown will have to do. The duo's new single "Hello Ego (Don't Stop)" premiered as a DJ Target "Targo Embargo" on BBC Radio 1xtra on Friday night, and thanks to some enterprising fans out there, you can now listen to the song at your leisure.

It's clear who the alpha dog is on this track from the very beginning, with Aiko powering through most the first minute of the song solo, until some harder bass kicks in and Brown joins the show. True to the subtitle of the song, Aiko is relentless in getting her point across, singing about providing for her family and keeping her focus on the things that really matter.

Despite the semi-official nature of the release, the artists involved seem to be on board. Shortly after the song popped up for streaming, Brown came out and showed support, saying he and Aiko were about to, "fuck up the summer" in a post on his Instagram.


Time to fuck the summer up sis

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As usual, Brown is staying busy these days, and he just released a documentary about his life, Chris Brown: Welcome to My Life. Brown sat down with Complex News to talk about his creative process these days, and he told us he has a very specific aim with any music he's involved with.

"My focus is to evoke emotion, my goal is to make people be inspired," Brown told Complex. "So when I do music now, that's my goal. I can only depict the stories that I've been through, so a lot of my songs tie into my actual reality of my life."



On Aiko's behalf, though there's been no official indication she's aiming to drop an album this year, there are hints of more to come if you read between the lines. She dropped another new song, "While We're Young," in early June, and made an appearance on "It's a Vibe," a song off of the latest 2 Chainz album, Pretty Girls Like Trap MusicNew work doesn't tend to come out this quick unless you have something bigger in the vault.

You can listen to "Hello Ego" below, and stay tuned for more Aiko updates on the horizon.