Jay Z is out here spitting bars about infidelity, floating over Nina Simone samples, firing off subliminals in the direction of his contemporaries, and all-around proving his lyrical abilities haven't diminished as he closes in on 48 years of life. 

There's a lot happening on 4:44, and fans are still deciphering every lyric on the 10-song project. That said, there's one bar Hov didn't rap on the title track that's been circulating online, and it's causing some unnecessary controversy.

Behold, the fake news rap of 2017:

"My wife a queen not a Kardashian"

It's unclear at this time who shared it first, but once it got out there, people latched onto it with reckless abandon.

When Jay Z rapping about his lifes mistakes on the song 4:44 until he throws shots at Kim Kardashian. pic.twitter.com/0fWyA0SY92

— Wholesome Ting (@Fam_BruH) June 30, 2017

my wife is a queen, not a kardashian. BITCH JAY Z IS SHAKING THE TABLE!!!

— 🕺🏾 (@donslays) June 30, 2017

Kanye's face when he hears Jay's Lyrics "...I never was a fan.... my wife a Queen not a Kardashian" #Tidal #JayZ pic.twitter.com/tM7kaWC3VD

— Vic Lovón (@VicTeflonDon) June 30, 2017

Jay said "and I never was a fan, my wife a Queen, not a Kardashian."

Boyyyy this upcoming Kanye rant is going to be crazy lol

— william (@LiveEncounter1) June 30, 2017

When Kim and Kanye arrived at the 4:44 listening party and heard "My wife's a queen not a Kardashian." pic.twitter.com/cEcxmGnI6l

— Home Theatres (@ChromeTunes) June 30, 2017

Jay Z: "And my wife a Queen, not a Kardashian"

Kanye: pic.twitter.com/iay8DFJke2

— EverybodyHatesBdell (@Bdell1014) June 30, 2017

When I heard Jay Z say "And I never was a fan, my wife a Queen, not a Kardashian." pic.twitter.com/hkOegnlqRn

— Lé Sweets🌸 (@Queenziah) June 30, 2017

Jay-Z said "My wife a Queen not a Kardashian" pic.twitter.com/CjOn3prYYi

— Karim 🤴🏽 (@thefamewarrior) June 30, 2017

Luckily, there were some truthers attempting to prevent this lie from spreading.

Y'all making up a fake diss about Kim kardashian in jay-z 4:44 song just proves how relevant and powerful she is. 😭

— what u need 2 hear (@Waitedandebated) June 30, 2017

Nobody can tell you what track Jayz said "my wife a queen not a kardashian" because he didn't say it lol

— ladytanjam (@Ladytanjam) June 30, 2017

Twitter is a bunch of followers. One person tweeted "my wife a queen, not a kardashian" now look how many ppl tweeting that FAKE line😒

— Annoy (@imatroll2015) June 30, 2017

Y'all didn't even listen to 4:44. Talkin bout "and I never was a fan, my wife a Queen, not a Kardashian" the fakes have been exposed

— Mike♛Karpouzie (@mikepouzie) June 30, 2017

Jay never said " my wife a queen, not a Kardashian" , y'all so annoying 😩

— Tashou_xo (@tasha_says) June 30, 2017

I got one question for all y'all mf that's saying jay z said " my wife a queen, not a Kardashian...

Do y'all even have tidal? pic.twitter.com/Wl0R8qrk6U

— Kidané x A'der (@aderdagod) June 30, 2017

so that "my wife a queen not a Kardashian" bar was a twitter lie? i hate y'all. 😂

— b.wes ⚜️ (@_SaluteMeBitch) June 30, 2017

Guys. That line about Jay Z saying his wife is queen not a Kardashian is fake. Don't believe the fake news! #JayZ444

— Arianna Davis (@ariannagdavis) June 30, 2017

There are a few reasons why the fake lyric gained momentum. For one, Jay Z and Kanye West's relationship status seems to be in limbo after 'Ye complained about Hov at a Saint Pablo Tour stop last October. Among some of his issues: a collaboration with Drake that went south, a claim that their kids can't play together, and Jay Z calling instead of visiting the West family after the Paris robbery.

There's also the ongoing theory that Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian hate each other, or at the very least have no intention to spend time together, which could possibly explain why North and Blue Ivy aren't having play dates.

Finally, and this isn't meant to be a slight, but let's face it: not that many people subscribe to Tidal compared to Apple Music or Spotify. While some fans may have been legitimately streaming 4:44 and live-tweeting their thoughts, others were replicating Kermit looking out the window and got caught up trying to be a part of the conversation.

So there you have it. Hov didn't take a shot at Kim. Kanye, on the other hand...