French Montana’s “Unforgettable” initiative just received backing from a notable supporter. The Weeknd has chipped in $100,000 to the cause.

French started the campaign after he was inspired during a trip to Uganda. He was there to shoot the video for his track “Unforgettable” and visit with the Triplets Ghetto Kids, whose YouTube videos he had seen and enjoyed.

In Uganda, he visited the Suubi Health Center. The center’s work inspired him to help raise funds to provide maternity supplies, premature incubators, beds, cribs, a blood bank, and more. He took action on the inspiration and has encouraged other prominent figures to do the same.

The Weeknd’s donation will go right to Suubi, a maternity and children’s medical facility in Budondo, Uganda. French Montana made a $100,000 donation of his own last month to kickstart the #Unforgettable campaign.

"I feel like sometimes God puts you in a platform where you're supposed to help other people,” French Montana said. “That touched my heart when I went out there. I wanted to help as soon as possible."

The Weeknd’s donation will allow Suubi to complete the construction of the first floor of the maternity clinic. Suubi will also receive funds to pursue technologies that will help save lives of women who are going through difficult pregnancies and births.

According to a press release, the two musicians’ donations will expand the center’s reach from 56,000 to an expected 260,000. If you want to donate to Suubi yourself, click here.