2 Chainz joined Joe Budden, DJ Akademiks, and Nadeska Alexis on Thursday's new episode of Everyday Struggle. The new Chainz album Pretty Girls Like Trap Music drops Jun. 16 and will be followed by a just-announced tour of the same name spanning 35 dates, so there was plenty to discuss during the hour-long conversation. 

Below, we've rounded up 5 highlights from the latest episode of Everyday Struggle. The full interview can be watched above.

2 Chainz is already working on the follow-up to Pretty Girls Like Trap Music.

"I'm not content," 2 Chainz said. "I'm thirsty for more success, more fans, bigger venues, more touring." Chainz added that he wakes up with new ideas every single day. "I'm gonna fuck the game up," he said. The next album will show "this other side" of Chainz as an artist.

2 Chainz doesn't worry about counting bars.

"I didn't know a line where a line ended," Chainz said of his early work, noting that he still doesn't worry about when hooks come in on a track. "So the first people who were teaching me how to do bars, I just was one of them defiant students." 

Lil Wayne helped 2 Chainz ditch the idea of traditional music structure.

Elaborating on his "I don't know how to count bars" approach, Chainz credited Lil Wayne with teaching him how to not give a single fuck about traditional song structure. While on tour with Wayne in 2008, Chainz witnessed Wayne rap beyond what he thought was "the hook sound" of a track before Wayne shut that entire concept down. "I said, 'Hey bruh, you rapped over the hook sound,'" Chainz recalled. "He said, 'Boy, ain't no hook sound, bitch.'"

2 Chainz recorded "Birthday Song" on the tour bus.

"Birthday Song," his collaboration with Kanye West from the 2012 album Based on a T.R.U. Story, was recorded on his tour bus. "When I bought a bus, it had a studio in it," Chainz said. "So 'Birthday Song' was done in my bus. [Kanye West] flew to South by Southwest to see me perform. We got on my bus and did 'Birthday Song.' I did a lot of my album, the first album that you hear, on my bus already doing shows and touring. To me, the studio was my trap."

2 Chainz believes hip-hop shouldn't have rules, even when it comes to ghostwriting.

"What's happening is, you can still get you a Lamborghini and not be on TV," Chainz said. "They reward you differently now."