In case you weren't aware, Travis Scott has been on a generous wave. Not only did Travis gift a fan one of the rings on his fingers dude took an insane dive from the balcony to the floor at a recent New York City show, but the rapper also gifted a fan one of his rings during his recent Rolling Loud performance after said fan proved he knew all of the words to "3500," one of the bangers from Travis' 2015 release Rodeo. That's what we call fan love.

Travis Scott gave another fan one of his rings at Rolling Loud for knowing all of the lyrics to 3500!

— FTP Flame 🎪 (@FTPflame) May 8, 2017

Earlier today, we got word back from the "3500"-spitting fan Demetri, who goes by the name of Meeech. We caught up with him briefly to talk about how he got so close to the stage, the last time he spit "3500" for Travis, and his plans for the ring.

Can you talk about how long you've been a fan of Travis Scott? Is "3500" your favorite track?
I would say [I've] definitely [been] a fan for about six, seven years now, strong. Favorite track definitely being "Drugs You Should Try," for sure, but "3500," for some reason— it's just—I know all the words. That's one of the dopest tracks he's dropped, but it happened for the first time at a concert here in Orlando. 

Yeah, I just saw the video this morning. This happened about a year ago?
Yeah. So, here in Orlando, he passed me the mic for the hook, and, you know, I did that, but that's all I'd ever been to. 

That's the only Travis Scott show you'd been to before this one?
Yes. Once "3500" came on this time I was lucky enough to be in front after waiting about 12 hours all day in a crazy crowd. When [Travis] came on, and "3500" came on, I was just like— I gestured to him, like, "Let me get the mic." I don't know if he recognized me, cause I was wearing a Chicago Cubs hat in the other video, but—I doubt it. But he said, "You want it?" And I was like, yeah. He did his part, and I guess he realized that I knew the entire verse before the hook. He just said "fuck it" and he gave me the mic. 

You said you were waiting 12 hours. I know festival life can be crazy. Is this something where you knew once Travis was coming on you were kinda bullying yourself up to the front?
Nah, not at all. We got there at 7:30 in the morning, me and about four other people, before the festival even opened, and once the doors opened, we bum-rushed and had to run, like, half a mile to get to the front of the stage. 

Damn. And you stayed there the entire time just for Travis?
The entire time for Travis. No food. Barely— just like, water. 

Have you had the ring on since you got it?
Yeah, definitely. For sure. Every picture of me with the ring. 

What are your plans for the ring? I know some people might try to sell something like that. Do you have plans to keep it?
Oh, yeah. For sure keep it. Without a doubt. And the next Travis show, hopefully, he sees I have it on. 

Do you think he recognized you from a year ago?
I definitely feel he recognized me. I definitely do. But, you know, his fame, all these people, and then he knows to give the mic away for "3500." So, it could be a mixture of both? I don't know. 

Being a Travis fan, I wanted to get your thoughts on Travis saying he was gonna be dropping some music. What do you think Travis might be dropping?
I definitely think Astroworld. For sure. 

The whole project?
Yes sir. Before his tour with Kendrick, the Damn Tour. I believe he should be dropping that. For sure. 

That's what's up. Thanks for taking the time out, and make sure you get a good jewelry cleaner for that ring if you wanna keep it shiny.
For sure. [Laughs.]