After reportedly experiencing sound issues during a performance in Memphis, DJ Paul said he was going to "shoot some motherfucking houses up tonight." According to a report from TMZ, the Oscar-winning Three 6 Mafia co-founder made the comments during a Da Mafia 6ix performance at 901 Fest Saturday night.

In video of the incident, Paul is heard criticizing the sound mix of the performance. "They want it to be bullshit to y'all," DJ Paul says. "But you better realize what the fuck is going on. See, what I'ma do tonight is I'ma ride past some motherfuckers' houses, and I'ma shoot some motherfucking houses up tonight. That's what the fuck I'ma do."

The sound had been repeatedly cutting out during Saturday's performance. At one point, the venue's power went out. Reps for DJ Paul did not immediately respond to Complex's request for comment.

Last week, DJ Paul released a new song entitled "Ain't Gone Love It" featuring Weirdo Westwood King. "Weirdo was perfect for it cause his voice is so unique and sounded great over the track," DJ Paul told Revolt TV of the first Vol. 17 single.