Subculture Sage have returned with the announcement of their upcoming T A K E 3 E P and we've got the exclusive first stream of "Happy Like The Sunking", the lead track, featuring Problem Child rapper Illaman. Melodically smooth, and with just a touch of jazz, "Happy Like The Sunking" is an ideal lazy-day, summer tune.

Over Subculture Sounds' twinkly, laid-back rap beat, MCs HypeMan Sage and Illaman trade tongue-in-cheek bars about everything from drinking mojitos in their Speedos to chirpsing royalty. Though undeniably a Subculture Sage track — "Happy Like The Sunking" sees the London rap duo shift from the darker, smokier sounds they've explored on releases like Big Smoke Autumn Blues.

Instead of that, we get a playful slice of classic-sounding UK hip-hop with huge injection of colour and no shortage of humour. T A K E 3 E P drops on May 6, and you can catch Subculture Sage's headline show at the Camden Assembly on May 10.

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