Shiftee's unashamedly fun-loving label Hot Mom USA has been an ideal source of rap and club music over the past five years. Now, celebrating half a decade in the game, Shiftee's sharing the first EP in a series of A/V releases & Beyond. This first volume, Boom Bap & Beyond (out May 19), sees the Brooklyn spinner dip into that golden era of rap for inspiration as he combines it with more modern club sounds. The EP features four original productions with four features — there's also talk of four live turntablist performance videos too — and we had to share our favourite "Dumb Shit", featuring Fly Kaison.

"I think it's really fun — sort of a piss take on stupid rap," Shiftee explained to Complex, "like, you want some dumb shit, here's some dumb shit (e.g. "ying ying ying, I ain't even say words"). But also even if you're like the most upstanding citizen, I feel like turning up and getting stupid from time to time is necessary." 

Older rap fans always celebrate the boom bap era, but after listening to "Dumb Shit", we can't help but wonder why more people aren't combining those big drums with a low-slung, trappy rhythm.