Today, we're proud to unveil the new visuals for "Practise" from North London rapper, L Skins. Directed by Rick Stanton and Michael Baxter, who worked with the artist before on his "Must Be The Drugs" video, "Practise" maintains the high level of production we've come to expect from Bounds Green's most blunted MC. With prolific UK producer Drae The Skimask on the beat, this track is a serious heater and follows on from L Skins' recent Elevator Music project with Flyo.

Filmed in Leysdown-on-Sea, on The Isle of Sheppey, it's not necessarily the most glamourous holiday destination, but the "Practise" visual sets L Skins in an environment not normally associated with underground weed rap. Amongst the caravans on a camp site, he breathes nonchalant cool into the setting, as we see him pour Hennessy into a kettle, swig cans of Stella, and brandish a golf club around menacingly.

As Skins explains on the chorus, "the bad guys are back but we're smoking on good"—and we couldn't be more glad.