Nobody does brooding, moody, rap/R&B hybrid quite like Toronto, and NUE is the latest in a string of artists taking the "Toronto sound" and adding to its legacy with his own unique brand of our city's greatest export. After dropping a few fire singles—including "Obvious" which we included on a recent Northern Touch list—NUE finally released his debut full length project last week, and excuse the #latepass but you need to be listening to Iroquois like now. Or yesterday. Or last week...

The 13-track project sees NUE working with producers A.I.D. and Sauceboy for the majority of the songs, with Litewrks coming through with beats for two of the tracks. The consistency allows for a smooth, rounded listen front to back; NUE knows what he's good at—which is sing-song flows over spacey, modern beats—and he sticks to the formula here with great results.

While heavy vocal effects aren't everyone's cup of tea it's hard to argue that it doesn't work here, as NUE's voice takes centre stage over the minimal production palette. From the production to the songwriting, to finishing details including mixing/mastering and album art, there were no shortcuts taken with this project and the attention to detail is not only "obvious" (excuse the pun), but refreshing.

Take in Iroquois below and stay tuned for more music from NUE in the future.