Low voter turnout among young people is not a new phenomenon, but it is worsening by the year. Labour leader and PM hopeful Jeremy Corbyn, divisive as he may be, at least recognises the need to engage young people and encourage them to vote.

Last week, Jme made an appearance on Corbyn's Snapchat, explaining to the MP why young people don't vote as well as offering some suggestions on how to engage them. Many believe a high turnout among young voters could usher him into Downing Street, with student support for Labour rising from 23% in 2005 to 55% in 2017, according to a poll published earlier this month. Either way, grime scene favourites like Jme and Novelist have long been proud Labour supporters and it appears that support is gaining more and more traction with the Grime4Corbyn initiative.

The campaign aims to bring together major faces in grime and UK music so that they can encourage young people to register to vote to make their voices heard. Since Labour have always favoured the carrot over the Tories' increasingly nasty stick, there's also talk of a free show being held for everyone involved. 

Head to grime4corbyn.com for more information on the General Election and how to register to vote so you can make your voice heard.