This was a collaboration made in heaven. The Chainsmokers, avatars of the white bro, are in many ways successors to the totally inoffensive Chris Martin. The Chainsmokers mined away any brutality from EDM to perfect a kind of washed out, bubbly pop, just as Coldplay did the same to indie rock in the early 2000s. One traded out drops for vocalists and verses, the other gave up lead guitar for piano hooks. Above all, though, one of two things both groups have in common is, while they might look like your average happy-go-lucky, handsome pop star on the rise, they still have feelings, man. 

In the case of "Something Just Like This," those feelings are elementary—both groups' sweet spot—name-checking Hercules and Achilles as exactly what these bros are not, in order to make a normie's anthem for falling in love. It's a dance song about the heroics of Netflix and dinner on a weeknight. It's not the most sophisticated sentiment, obviously, but that would be ignoring the second thing these two groups have in common: This shit slaps. It has the repeating effervescent, sugary explosion that the Chainsmokers have bottled up time and time again, and is anyone better at selling you a simperingly stupid line than Chris Martin? I think not. This one's not going anywhere. —Brendan Klinkenberg