Bryson Tiller tried to sink my post-breakup boat jaunt Friday by releasing his sophomore album an entire fucking month early. Thanks, Bryson Tiller. 

True to Self, the followup to Tiller's 2015 album Trapsoul, opens with the ignored call lament "Rain on Me (Intro)." The two-minute opener perfectly sets the tone for all the completely misguided texts you're probably going to send to your ex while making your way through the album's 19 tracks, despite the fact that you probably shouldn't do that.


But if you absolutely must text your ex words that aren't even your own, here are some True to Self lyrics that seem tailor-made for such a self-torturous task.

Please text responsibly.

"I want to grow gray with you, have a little baby* with you, and just cater to you"

*For those not interested in a baby, kudos! Feel free to replace "baby" with "house," "dog," or "gerbil."

"You spend too much time with your friends, fuck y'all doing?​"

"Last time that we fucked, that shit was cinematic"

"We used to love without no rules"

"When I look at you, I see someone I don't deserve"

"You should come check on me, talk dirty and caress on me"

"Used to look at me and tell me 'Don't stress, love'/That's why I need you when I'm stressed, love"

"I feel like you grew on me, have I grown on you?"

"Say it to me straight, did I make a mistake?"

"If we work together, we can get through this and we could last forever"