This song may have been released last year, but it's become one of the most popular records in Detroit of late—and only in Detroit. Sada's personality, though, feels larger than the songs he's on. "Stacy" is the biggest, wielding an edgy sense of humor that's one part 2 Chainz, and two parts the uptempo, post-Blade Icewood Detroit street sound that has dominated the city in the last few years. His "quotables": "Yeah I fucked my niggas sister/ That lil bitch was grown, she shouldn't have been trynna give me that pussy;" "Music, money, sex, and selling drugs/ That's the type of shit that got 'em jelly-ous;" "Homie caught a body on the yellow bus;" "Blood stains on my shirt they look like Robitussin." To get a more explicit idea of his shock-and-LOL sense of humor, check out "Return With My Strap."