2 Chainz appeared on a recent episode of the can't-believe-it's-still-a-thing series The View, joining the usual panel and special guest John Kasich. At one point, Chainz was asked about a potential mayoral run in his Georgia hometown. Kasich, unfortunately, had a cringeworthy suggestion for Chainz' political endeavors.

When Chainz was asked by Joy Behar about a potential run in College Park, Kasich offered the following: "Just make sure you drop the yo." This largely ignored remark, which occurs around the 2:18 mark in the video above, prompted the perfect response from Whoopi Goldberg:

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"You know, I'm from College Park, Georgia back home and the mayor that's in that position had been there for maybe over 20 years," Chainz added. "If I decided to do something like that, I would win easily. But I didn’t meet a few of the prerequisites as far as staying in the same county that I grew up in and things of that nature."

Later in the interview, Kasich—after bragging about his alleged friendship with Bono—revealed he used to listen to Kanye West with his daughters and expressed awe at Nicki Minaj's career.

Tuesday, Chainz announced a new release date for his new Pretty Girls Like Trap Music album. The album, featuring the singles "It's a Vibe" and "Good Drank," will be available June 16. Catch the recently released trailer below:

He also revealed the cover art:

2 Chainz
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