What happened? After being formally charged with excessive use of force, the grand jury returns indictments against L.A.P.D. officers Stacey Koon, Laurence Powell, Timothy Wind, and Theodore Briseno—the first four officers on the scene in the Rodney King beating.

Song: Ice Cube “The Predator” (1992)

Lyrics: “Fuck Laurence Powell and Briseno, Wind and Koon, pretty soon/We'll fuck them like they fucked us and won't kiss 'em/Riots ain't nothing but diets for the system.”

Complex says: Ice Cube has been saying “fuck the police” since day one, so we weren’t the least bit surprised when he pulled no punches and called out King’s attackers by name. Recorded during the height of racial tensions in L.A., Ice Cube’s third solo LP, The Predator, was heavily influenced by the Rodney King saga and it remains as a glaring reminder that Ice Cube used to be a smart-mouthed gangster and not a shill for TBS.