What happened? LaTasha Harlins—a 15-year-old African-American girl—entered Empire Liquor to buy orange juice, but instead she ended up dead. The store was owned by a Korean American named Soon Ja Du, who mistakenly believed Harlins was attempting to steal the orange juice. Du and Harlin got into a scuffle which later resulted in Du shooting Harlins in the back of the head. Store security cameras later showed that Harlins had money in her hand, ready to pay for the juice, during the fatal shooting.

Song: 2Pac “Hellrazor” (1997)

Lyrics: “Dear Lord if ya hear me, tell me why/Little girl like LaTasha, had to die/She never got to see the bullet, just heard the shot/Her little body couldn't take it, it shook and dropped.”

Complex says: Pac tries to make sense of LaTasha's tragic death, which came just 13 days after the King beating. The shooting fueled racial tensions in L.A. between blacks and Koreans right when racial tensions between blacks and whites were already tense.