What happened? When local L.A. resident George Holliday heard police sirens outside his apartment building, he decided to grab his camcorder and run outside and document what was happening. He ended up catching the tail-end of the police beating King. Holliday would go on to give the video to TV station KTLA and eventually the video was being aired on television programs worldwide. Holliday would later license use of the tape to Spike Lee for the opening of Malcolm X.

Song: Kid Frost “I Got Pulled Over” (1992)

Lyrics: “But hey yo, Mr. Officer, you know where you can stick it/I say this to myself, I let him do his thing/Or he might beat me down just like he beat down Rodney King.”

Complex says: Kid Frost alludes to the feeling that even before the footage of the beating ever aired, minorities felt that police brutality could occur at any moment with little provocation. However, it was certainly never documented and aired on national television before. So shouts to George Holliday for basically inventing smartphone journalism way before smartphones existed.