Etta Bond, one of the UK's leading and brightest lights in R&B and soul, has reunited once more with frequent collaborator and friend Raf Riley  for this remix of her Chris Loco collab "Kiss My Girlfriend", and today they're releasing the visuals. The video, as with Etta's vocals and indeed the whole track, is stunning yet understated.

As with everything Etta does, it's the little flourishes and details that prick your ears and make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, especially the refrain: You wish you could kiss my girlfriend, 'cause she tastes so good. Sweetly sung, but with a wry smile.

Equally, Riley's remix is a slightly more upbeat version but just as smooth and seductive, giving Etta swathes of space to let her voice gently blossom and glide over the beat. What's perhaps most stunning, however, is the video's celebration of femininity and love in all its myriad forms; a welcome change from your average boy-meets-girl story.

"Raf and I have been back in the studio and after some time apart, it feels great to create together again," Etta told Complex. "It's like we were off collecting new energy and now we're sharing it with each other. We've been having a lot of fun exploring the sound over the last few months; it'll be interesting to see where it's at by the time we share more of it. 

"Jenay was at the studio when I made the original 'Kiss My Girlfriend' with Chris," she added. "She also happened to turned up when Raf and I were vibing on our version and it felt only right to have her do her bit. Her energy is what inspired the song in the first place after all. Rosie, Jenay and I are friends, so spending the day together was a familiar situation."