After releasing his debut EP 'M.N.T.N.S', I AM D has firmly solidified his place as one of the artists at the forefront of Brisbane's new rap movement. With that position comes the responsibility to continue releasing dope music – and the BNE repper is yet to let us down, especially after the release of his latest track "GANG".

Produced by The Programmer and James Angus, the song slaps together choired vocals, an unrelenting bassline, ticking percussion, and some rising and falling keys as the perfect compliment to I AM D's signature rapid-fire flow & killer punch-lines.

It's as much an anthem to rep for his hometown Brisbane, as it is a crystal-clear statement on behalf of the new wave of young rap artists. D says that his intention was to create a song that represented the sound of unity, and how having a team beside you, rather than behind you, is a blessing – and that's certainly what the artwork suggests too. Check out the track for yourself above.