Lil Yachty Responds to Vic Mensa's 'What the F*ck Is a Lil Yachty?' Shot

On Friday, Lil Yachty talked about his apparent beef with Vic Mensa.

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Maybe you're aware that Vic Mensa appeared to call out Lil Yachty at a recent show this past weekend, or maybe you're not. Either way, here's a quick recap.

On Saturday, during a free concert at the University of Cincinnati, Mensa asked aloud, "What the fuck is a Lil Yachty?" In fact, the exact bars were this:

"Then I signed to the 'Roc now they say I'm illuminati / Bitch, I'm a tsunami, what the fuck is a Lil Yachty?"

The line, whether just intended to be wordplay or not, drew a definite reaction from the crowd.

Anyway, the next day Yachty sent out this probably subtweet:

We're a little unclear on what started all of this, but Lil Yachty did answer a question about it when he was on NYC's Ebro in the Morning on Thursday.

"With the situation that recently happened, I feel like people just try and throw a shot at me just so I can respond," he said. "I've never even spoke to [Mensa]. I just shook his hand (...) n*ggas is weird." Obviously he could've gone harder, but that's not his style.

He also talked about his unhealthy eating habits (see: a lot of pizza talk), "mumble rapping," and more. Check it out in the video above, and note the Mensa talk begins around the 4:30 mark.


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