It appears Lil Wayne and Chris Brown are the targets of a federal drug investigation.

The Miami Herald reports the hip-hop acts have been named in a criminal case involving producer Harrison “Cuban Harry” Garcia, who has been accused of orchestrating pharmacy robberies to obtain a large amount of codeine.

During the 26-year-old's trial hearing Thursday (April 6), U.S. Homeland Security Agent Kevin Selent claimed the producer confessed to selling “a lot of narcotics” to Lil Wayne following his arrest last October. Garcia’s attorney Gustavo Lage pressed the agent for more details about the supposed confession, but Selent said he was unable to expand as it was still an open investigation.

Investigators later presented a series of text messages in which Garcia appears to order a drug delivery for Weezy: “I’ll shoot u some trees,” he wrote in a text. “It’s for Wayne.”

The messages regarding Brown were much more obvious, as the producer had sent a woman a screenshot of the $15,000 wire transfer from a “Christopher Brown.” “Look who put money [in] my account,” Garcia boasted. The woman asked what the payment was for, to which Garcia replied: "Drugs ... lean and shit.”

As documented on the producer’s Instagram page, he has had several interactions with Wayne and Brown in the past, appearing on Wayne’s “Cut it" freestyle music video as well as accompanying Brown on a private jet. Prosecutors also looked to Garcia’s social media to highlight his extravagant purchases: designer clothing, jewelry, and luxury cars, suggesting he bought the items with drug money.

“Some might say it’s a crime buying such expensive sneakers,” defense lawyer Percy Martinez asked HSI Agent Geoffrey Goodwin. “But it’s not a crime, is it?”

Defense attorneys insist Garcia’s Instagram posts were all an attempt to gain a larger social following. They also claim Garcia was simply a “feather in the cap” to go after Wayne and Brown.

The trial will continue before U.S. Judge Patricia Seitz.