The topic of XXXtentacion finally came up on Wednesday's episode of Everyday Struggle. Surprisingly, Joe Budden was actually in favor of the young rapper's career to this point, and actually encouraged him to keep going at other rappers, as long as it doesn't turn violent. DJ Akademiks, who has talked with X several times in recent weeks, shared the sentiment but wondered if the troubled rapper would be able to stay out of trouble going forward. The overall topic of X is a heavily controversial one in rap these days, especially since the Florida rapper has a long criminal history that could take yet another turn in May when he's scheduled to stand trial in his highly publicized battery case. 

As for the music, Budden is a fan and likes the aggression. "Fuck fun, that's why I like this kid. All of these little, purple hair dreadhead n***as are having fun. Where is the anti-christ? Where is the anti-young n***a to say hey, 'I'll fuck all of y'all up, and I'll go to jail for it, and I rap better than y'all." Budden's comments came as a bit of a surprise, but his take is definitely interesting. You can watch the clip on XXXTentacion above and check out the full episode below. You can watch all of the Everyday Struggle episodes here