Earlier this month, super hot Melbourne-based rap label WVS put on the show of a lifetime with their "Big Swell" event at Ding Dong Lounge.

While Kwasi & HFNR, Travy P, Lil Spacely and I.E. were the stars of the show, them WVS boys graciously stepped aside to share the stage with some of the dopest local acts out right now, including HVNCOQ, Juñor, Reiis, Sophiegrophy and many more.

Naturally, a few surprise appearances from names like 360, Cult Shotta, Geek, Midas.Gold, Ivan Ooze, Phantom, Big Skeez and Devarn had the crowd wilding out, making sure the show was truly a sight to behold.

Luckily, it was all documented for your viewing pleasure – if you missed out, or simply want to relive the night, you can check out the full recap video of the night for yourself above. The label's Big Swell compilation featuring artists from the night is out today on Spotify and Apple Music as well, which you can find here, and the next event will take place in Sydney in July, so keep an eye out for announcements coming soon.