If the last few days haven't proved it enough, here's today's fact: when your name is Aubrey Drake Graham, it's hard to find your way out of a current news cycle. He's still riding out the success of More Life, and was recently a part of Future's Coachella set, but trouble is still brewing. The Cavs aren't f*cking with Drake's Golden State references, Drake's camp is being racially profiled at a country club during Coachella's first weekend, and Jas Prince has lawyered up against Birdman to get those Drake profits. And now, some woman is drinking all of Drake's drinks.

TMZ reports that a currently-unidentified 24-year-old woman was hit with felony robbery charges for an incident at Drake's home on April 3. According to their sources, the woman was discovered by someone in Drake's crew around 10:30 p.m. that night wearing one of Drizzy's hoodies. No one seems to know how she even got into Drake's residence, but she told authorities that she was allowed in there.

Now here's where things get weird: while you can only imagine what kind of rich rapper sh*t is just casually laying around Drake's residence, homegirl is said to be the epitome of a thirsty fan. As in, the only things she took were Pepsi, Sprite, and some Fiji water. As TMZ states, it doesn't matter what you take; if you enter someone's spot illegally and take something, that's felony robbery.

We get the feeling that this story is far from over, but as of right now, this woman's thirst got her into a grip of trouble. All puns intended.